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Get the first-hand review from our parents & students who are pursuing their MBBS abroad in different countries

“In Russia, the quality of education is super, everything is digitally shown and more over my college is one of best in Vladivostok.
I recommend all my Karnataka students who want to study MBBS in abroad, Russia is a good place for studying, that too in Vladivostok FEFU is the best college.
The faculties will explain well and motivate us to study everyday with assignments. The training is done strictly and they train the students with best creative ideas.
I thank Dynamic Educare for giving an opportunity to me, its one of best consultancy in Karnataka according to me, they will support us throughout our course and help us in studies with doubts.
All students who have a goal to become the doctor, its good chance for you guys to come through Dynamic Educare, come to Russia FEFU college explore the world.”


FEFU Student, RUSSIA., From Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA

“I must write a special letter “Thank U” for you in a bottle. You are the first person in the world who had opened the doors of opportunity for my sister on her life-changing journey into the medical career and it has intrigued my sister very much.
The university you suggested has very good education, hostel facilities and a feasible communicating language which she got well acquainted with in 6 months.
She had conveyed that the University campus is safe and Russian people show good hospitality.
Overall a good opportunity with excellent University for my Sister.
I wish u send more students from Karnataka and help them educate as well.”

Mr.Shivraj. N.H

Marine Engineer, from Karwar, Brother of Ms.Shilpa, Student, FEFU, RUSSIA

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty and hardship of their dreams equally”
With no longer to wait, the education system here is really good, a different one but surely make us study. Regular exams, weekly one seminar, Viva, assignments, daily homework will equip us to be a professional Doctors.
Dynamic Educare made all my dreams come true, it’s like my another family. Dr.Sajjan and team always guided me as like their own family member.
Finally, I would highly recommend all Karnataka students who are really looking forward to pursuing their dream to be a Doctor. It takes a lot of guts to make a decision to go on vanava for a bright future, but believe me its worth it. One day, when you go through series of events happened in your life, this would be the best part of your life.
I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a friend, I am a student, so don’t think I would put my fake opinion.

Prithvi Shetty

FEFU Student, RUSSIA. , From Puttur,DK, Karnataka, INDIA

My daughter, Prithvi Shetty is studying in Russia and she is very happy by the grace of god. This is all because of you, Dr.Sajjan Madappady and team, Dynamic Educare Consultancy.
Myself being a nurse in the middle east, I think abroad education is good, as it gives the students a wide exposure to international education and vivid culture.
Am so grateful to you Dr.Sajjan Madappady for showing us the right path and standing by us throughout her student life. I have not visited her still, but she is telling amma am so thankful to you and almighty Lord for giving me an opportunity to make my dreams of doctor come true through this wonderful institution. I wish you all the best, and we hope more and more students will join every year.
May the almighty Lord bless you and your family.

Pavithra Shetty

Mother of Prithvi Shetty, FEFU Student, RUSSIA. , From Puttur,DK, Karnataka, INDIA

“As far as the education in the Philippines is concerned I’m a 3rd year(2018) medical student who’s moderately satisfied with the quality of education, friendly staff and homely climate provided with several Indian hotels just beside the school which makes it more comfortable and less worrisome for my stomach.
As far as the medical education in a foreign country is concerned, Philippines is one of the major choices of many students for several reasons, specifically in DMSFI in the heart of Davao City, Philippines which gives the students a broad spectrum of opportunities to learn, similar weather conditions (30° – 40°c) with affordable price and good quality of education. DMSFI is the 1st medical school in the Philippines to introduce advance technological education like ANATOMAGE and Simulation Mannequin and Virtual Reality labs( computerized clinical cases prepared by various field experts, allows you to perform history and PDX from head to toe) various filed of medicine (Pediatrics, Ob/ Gyn, Er, Surgery etc.). English is the major language used for teaching with field specialized doctors with MCI and USMLE level 2 recognition which makes it a better choice to study medicine who are looking forward to study in the United States.
Hard work and dedication are the only roads to success in medicine, where no shortcut is an option, God bless.”

Ullhas Gowda

Student DMSFI, Philipines., From Mandya, Karnataka, INDIA.

“Firstly the quality of education is good but i feel comparatively India is better. However, we manage and coverup by self-studies as its a college life. Teaching is good, But we have few extra subjects Like Latin, philosophy, history which I find a bit difficult to study.
Anatomy and physiology sub lecture are going on well. Practical laboratory system is super. Initially I had faced few problems here, but I am able to manage now.
You need to cook food by yourself, those who can cook would feel comfortable here. However, we have an Indian family here who delivers food to our rooms like a mess. Our hostel infrastructure is excellent. Security is also good like Indian hostels. FEFU campus is most famous in Russia. I feel those aspiring to become a doctor, these colleges are a better alternative, if you don’t get seat in Indian colleges.”


FEFU Student, RUSSIA., From Karwar, Karnataka, INDIA.

“Really, I feel so proud to study in FEFU university, RUSSIA. I am also so lucky to have a caring consultancy.
I recommend that Karnataka students who could not score rank should prepare for 1 more year to get a seat through NEET before opting for going abroad. As I feel the quality of education is not up to the mark. However, what motivates me is a belief in myself to strive to become an excellent professional doctor through dedication and efforts towards my goals to succeed. ”


FEFU Student, RUSSIA., From Karwar, Karnataka, INDIA.

“As a parent, We wanted our daughter to become a doctor. Our daughter too shared the same dream and worked hard to get a seat in India. As we know that there is a lot of competition for medical, she could not get the required rank to get a seat through NEET. Getting a management seat was too costly with the high donation to bare.
So we got an information about abroad studies and opted for it as an alternative. We are very thankful for the Dynamic Educare consultancy for guiding us on the right path in fulfilling our dreams of my daughter Sheethal to become Dr.Sheethal. ”


Mother of Ms.Sheethal, FEFU Student, RUSSIA., From Karwar, Karnataka, INDIA.

“To see our son as a doctor was our dream and it was all made possible by Dynamic Educare consultancy through abroad education. They have guided us through all the documentation and admission process. Our family is proud that our son is now pursuing his MBBS at FEFU Russia. We wish all the best for all the students pursuing their MBBS abroad.”

Soubhagya Raju

Mother of Achuthraj, FEFU Student, RUSSIA., From Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA

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